I'm afraid I'll be Tyrese

I passed a man begging for money to return to Baltimore, MD.

Hmm… A Megabus ticket from New York City to Baltimore is what, $10? Oh, but the one time I rode Megabus, you couldn't buy tickets at the door. The driver only accepted passengers who bought tickets online.

"Departs 6:40 AM, arrives 9:50 AM. Too early for you?"

I passed a couple begging for money to return to Sarasota, FL.

How did they end up stranded? If New York City didn't pan out, why didn't they flee before they ran out of money?

Danielle: there are several potential narratives. drug addicts. alcoholics.
Jon: you can drink and drug in florida too. why travel 1200 miles north? and if they couldn't stay in florida, why not just move to georgia?

I passed a lad begging for money to return to Long Island, NY.

Bruv, are you serious? Manhattan to Long Island? You can't call someone to come pick you up? Oh his sign says that he was jumped and lost his mobile. [pause] Go to a police station and ask to use a phone! Or go to a library and e-mail someone!

"Here's $2.50 for subway fare. That'll get you onto the island. Aaaand some money for a bus transfer. Or you can walk home from Jamaica."

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