I'm no good, you're no better

guys what if gifs create a universe within the gif where it's actually hell because the person in that gif is forever doomed to repeat the same action over and over and over. There's gifs on my blog that have been there since 2009. Buddy the Elf has been in that revolving door for four years. [source]

A GIF as a Phantom Zone window.

Idea: A remake of Memento in which Leonard uses Twitter and Instagram instead of tattoos and Polaroid photos.

Idea: What if every time you recorded your life (via camera, blog, et cetera), what you recorded was erased from your memory? So, for example, you could watch a video recording of your wedding, but you would not remember the experience at all. Bad memories could easily be forgotten, while good times could only be remembered mentally.

Idea: What if the government could surreptitiously modify the eyes and ears of a baby so that it could spy through the baby's eyes and ears, see and hear what the baby sees and hears – unwitting human surveillance? And what if the government targeted persons of interest by turning their children into said "baby monitors"? And what would become of Baby Monitors that were not decommissioned?

Mashup: 'Elysium' and 'Behind the Candelabra'

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