Adam Riff™ Mailbag

Larvelle Jones writes:
Jon, have you ever walked out of a film?

Yes, James Toback's Black and White.

I've sat through worse films, but… I don't know what overcame me. Elijah Wood and the Wu-Tang Clan… I just couldn't.

I think I walked out of Idle Hands too – you know, Seth Green and Devon Sawa – but I may be remembering Derek Chow saying that he walked out of Idle Hands.

Does stopping a DVD count as walking out? Because I stopped BASEketball.

I wanted to love BASEketball – Trey and Matt plus David Zucker?! – but I did not feel it AT ALL.

Oh and at a sleepover birthday party for my childhood mate George (R.I.P.), I walked out of his living room during this scene in Terminator 2 and played Super Mario World in his parents' bedroom until the film ended. For some reason, my nine-year-old self could not handle the final act of Terminator 2.

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