$440 / 2br – 110ft² – $440/mon Jan 2014 long term 1br in 3br 2ba townhouse (Everett)

*important* Let me make it clear that the bathroom DOES NOT work. And I DONT plan on fixing it. I like it the way it is. That's how my father was and that's who I'm gonna be!

I've been here since Jan 2011 up from Seattle for some quiet time trying to get A) some papers ready on what I believe is a new paradigm related to super string theory. Need to finish a computer program to help check and generalize about 25 notebooks (8×10) worth of calculations. Subsequently B) do a book on some statistical data involving 14,000 data sets in microbiology.

One person who stayed here previously opened her heart chakra doing yoga. She was working as a regional director of Snohomish & Skagit county for Ron Paul's presidential campaign. Enjoyed her stay here. Perhaps because both of our hearts were open.

Personally I do believe in remote healing having experimented with remote diagnosis of patients in a workshop under the Silva Mind Control Method based on electronic frequency waves.

Have done some paintings in the spirit of van Gogh, Picasso, Matse, Chagl, Miro, El reco, Dali etc. This led to Willem de Koenig & Franz Kline type abstract paintings, being a pure mathematician, and finally to composing live auora (as in ethereal dynamic aurora borealis moving in the night sky).

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