Wait for the year to drown

The Other Takes of Charlie's Song (from "The Gang Tries Desperately to Win an Award")

Charlie Day for Mojave Tent 2014.

In Vinnie Jones: Russia's Toughest, the former football hard man turned Hollywood strong-arm goes head-to-head with men whose fearsome reputations enable them to handle some of the toughest jobs in Russia.

In a series of six missions that span a vast and volatile land, Vinnie faces the dirty and dangerous worlds of the Train Driver, Bodyguard, Trawler man, Construction Worker, Poacher Warden and Cowboy.

So it's Dirty Jobs, in Russia, with Juggernaut. [pause] Who conceived this?

—What else does National Geographic Channel UK air?
Fish Tank Kings?

[googles "Fish Tank Kings wiki"]

—There are TWO shows on television about people who build aquariums?!

Season 4 (2013):

In Vegas, a hat making company wants a giant koi pond that looks like a top hat.

A Florida medical facility desires a tank in the shape of a syringe.

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