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Beard Beer
Rogue Ales brewmaster John Maier discovered that the wild yeast growing in his beard could be cultivated to a state suitable for fermenting beer.

If you manage to get past the mental block that goes with drinking an ale with human beard yeast in it, you'll find a very fruity beer that smells and tastes of ripe bananas and pineapple.

You know what really grinds my gears? Fancy taquerias that don't allow you to mix and match tacos. If I'm paying $12 for two tacos, I don't want to eat two of the same taco! And they're typically unfilling too.

I have yet to eat a taco with shredded meat that wasn't wretched. Similarly: Corn tortillas. The leathery texture…bleh. #teamflour

When the fish in a fish taco is grilled instead of deep fried <<<<<<. It's like Taco Bell's soft taquitos – a lesser experience.

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