But guys, where is the banana hot dog?

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A long time ago, while perusing IMDb, I stumbled upon a film called 5-25-77, the release date for Star Wars classic. The film's website offered little information, but the production company granted my request for a copy of the script. This is Almost Fanboy, I thought.

Films about Star Wars that I want to see:
5-25-77 [May 25, 2007]

5-25-77 prepped for a Toronto debut

[browsing 2013 Fantasia film festival selections]

Oh! 5-25-77. Is it another work-in-progress screening? I don't see anything…


After NINE some years in production, it appears a final cut exists.


[checks flights to Montreal]

One thought on "But guys, where is the banana hot dog?"

  1. Adam!

    ALMOST final. Hope you can make it to Montreal!

    Best wishes,


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