Date Archives June 2013

El Scorcho

Babysitting B's children… "So what do you kids want to do?" A: Watch YouTube videos of Swedes playing a Minecraft mod. "Uncle Jon, I'm thirsty!" "Okay." [opens refrigerator] Chocolate hemp milk? I saw this while picking up kidney stone medication: MCGUIRE-STYLE MALE URINAL I know…

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Woooooooooooooooooooooork's. out. for. summer! In retrospect, I shouldn't have cheaped out on an 8h 36m, one-stop flight, but at least I'll get to try Usinger's sausages. Ooh! Schulzies Bread Pudding finally opened in San Francisco.

127 Hours

Wrecked my circadian rhythm, but the film I've been working on is finally finished. Thursday Pepe [Director]: Where are you going? Jon: A Franklin Barbecue pop-up feast. See what all the fuss is about. Pepe: Well, hurry back. [two hours later] Pepe: Back already? Jon:…

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