Let's cast an NHL coaches movie!

Jon: Quenneville… I feel like I've seen dozens of actors who look like him. Tom Selleck?

Jon: Who's next?
Seth: Umm, Sharks coach Todd McLellan.
Jon: Free association: Adam Arkin, but McLellan has a rounder head.
Rory: He looks like Jason Bateman in this photo.

Seth: Rangers coach John Tortorella.
Rory: Timothy Busfield?
Jon: I can see Kevin Costner playing him.
Josh: You know who would be good? Ron Silver. Alas, he's dead.
Seth: Now I'm picturing Torts barking "His father is the district attorney!" at a ref.

Seth: Mighty Ducks coach Bruce Boudreau.
Jon: Is Calvert DeForest still alive?
Rory: What about that confetti dude?
Jon: Rip Taylor? Eh…

Seth: Bruins coach Claude Julien.
Josh: Who plays Varys on Game of Thrones? Him – as Varys, as Claude Julien.

Seth: The success of this cast hinges on make-up.

Seth: Capitals coach Adam Oates.
Josh: He looks like a character in Warren Beatty's Dick Tracy film…played by Ray Liotta.

Seth: Penguins coach Dan Bylsma.
Jon: That's what the Pens' coach looks like?
Rory: I see a babyfaced Jason Clarke.

30 minutes later

Jon: Hmmph. I'm stumped. He somehow looks like both everyone and no one. What does that facial match website say?

Jon: [pause]

30 minutes later

Jon: Could we computer generate him?

Jon: Only 19 more to go.

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