To stand under the rain and let Seattle wash me

(hat tip: matt langer)

Bartender: Can I see some ID?

Bartender: You're 30 years old?!
Jon: Heh. Yup.

Bartender: You should cherish looking young.

The editors for the film I'm working on are mostly graduating NYU students. Two of them asked me to attend a joint birthday/graduation party.

Jon: Are you not old enough to buy alcohol? Is that why you want me to—?

Jake: No, no. We'd just like for you to attend.

Jon: Well, I dunno… I shouldn't be partying with college seniors. I mean, I'm almost a decade older!

Ann: At least pop by for a drink. One drink.

I felt like Don Draper.


  1. dedleg 22 May 13 at 23:19

    We've arrived at an age where people request credit for screenshots of google searches. Creativity is in its death throes.


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