I just want to be enough for everyone

"Spare some change?"
"Sorry. [empty pockets gesture]"

And it's true. Nowadays, I pay for stuff mostly with credit cards, so I don't normally have change on me to spare.

Introducing Panhandlr, a way to give money in an increasingly coinless world.

Here's how it works:

1. You register on Panhandlr's website, providing credit card or PayPal information.

2. A homeless person registers at his or her local Panhandlr office and receives a coded sticker to attach to a sign.

3. When you see a homeless person to whom you want to give money, simply photograph his or her coded sticker with your smartphone and select how much money you want to give.

4. Homeless people can cash out what they've collected at any time at their local Panhandlr office.

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