Somber thoughts of burning planets

I had to fly all the way to Detroit to get kidnapped. Extreme Kidnapping is a company operated by Adam Thick, an entrepreneur and convicted counterfeiter from Oakland County, Michigan. Thick founded Extreme Kidnapping in 2002 after being inspired by the old David Fincher movie The Game. For $500, Adam and his crew will abduct you at gunpoint and hold you hostage for four hours. A thousand bucks gets you ten hours, along with a bit of customized sadism.

I was offered a torture menu, from which I made my selections with little rhyme or reason.

Waterboarding? Stress positions? Stun gun? Fire?
I've never been waterboarded, but it sounds horrible. I guess we could maybe explore it. I dunno about a stun gun. Probably not.

Beaten with a trout? Battered with a summer sausage? I'm not kidding.
Oh sure. Can I eat the summer sausage when you're done?


Reality Show Idea: Extreme Fun – kidnapping, tank driving adventure

Reality Show Idea: Party Down – 10 fraternities/sororities at one university compete to see who throws the best parties. Each week, a different party challenge.

The Great North Korean Picture Show
For the first time, foreign cameras are allowed into the world's most secretive state's only film school. Filmmakers James Leong and Lynn Lee follow two young actors and a director, handpicked by the regime to become stars, as they hone their craft.

Hot Docs in Toronto will host its North American Premiere in May.

Idea A documentary series exploring combinations of race.

For example, a white + yellow episode might feature:

  1. A half-white, half-Asian person
  2. Asian people adopted by white families and raised in the American midwest and Scandinavia
  3. An Asian male dating a white girl
  4. A white person born and raised in Asia

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