Anti-Spokane Rhetoric

Jon: the editing, both video and audio, is…bravura. imagine soderbergh's the limey plus melodrama. some stupendous scenes. and matthew goode is tremendous
Ty: cool cool cool
Ty: what's your MBTI, btw?
Jon: my, uh…
Jon: my myers briggs type indicator?
Ty: yes
Jon: oh gosh
Jon: i tested for mine years ago in high school with speech and debate teammates, but…
Ty: it can change over time
Jon: i have it somewhere at home
Ty: you should retake it
Ty: this one is quite accurate and it's free:
Jon: are you serious?
Ty: is TJ miller a guest on a podcast this week?
Jon: hold…

Ty: look up ISTJ and see how accurate it is
Ty: i'm INTJ and it's dead-on
Ty: MBTI has accurately predicted most of my friendships and relationships. it's fucking crazy
Jon: …
Ty: no, really
Ty: it's not a horoscope
Jon: i don't need a test to inform me who i get on with best
Jon: (they tend to enjoy smoking…or cock)

Jon: "ISTJs are often highly religious" – dead-on

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