Floral Chlorofluorocarbons

Daniel: Might want to invest in an apron.

Jon: I know. I just— I brush my teeth with my mouth open, and the toothpaste, you know, foams, and sometimes that foam…drips. But hey, if you ever find yourself in a situation where you have to shoot one of two identical Jon Yus, the real Jon Yu will have white stains on his clothes.

Daniel: Phrasing.

Comparatively, Under Armour = Nintendo, but perception-wise, Adidas = Nintendo.

Twitter disillusionment: Miyamoto's translator is a fervid Oregon fan.

Science Fiction Idea: A world in which you only live twice. Let's say that your soul transfers over to your second life.

Someone you kill can then kill you. A man overcomes his reincarnated situation to avenge his own death.

Someone you kill can then kill you, but then you can permanently kill him or her – and you know what he or she looks like.

A fugitive kills himself, complicating the manhunt. Convicts welcome the death penalty. Suicide is a gamble. You could receive a fresh start in worse situation.

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