On and on, reckless abandon

What did y'all get for Christmas?

I know when my brother has been driving my car when I start it and the radio is tuned to a country music station.

[flips through brother's Playbill for The Book of Mormon]

Three full-page ads for the actual Book of Mormon – huh. Latter-day Benetton.

I kinda admire Playbill's seeming disinterest in updating its logo or layout design for the 21st century.

"Chopsticks for you, Jon."
"You brought chopsticks from home?"

My mother read someplace that disposable chopsticks contain bleach (…or something) and now brings her own chopsticks when dining out.

Is "Asian Hugo Weaving in Cloud Atlas" a meme yet?

Freebie for Warner Bros.' marketing department: "Oppa Gangster Squad."


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