The Booth at the End

Y'all can have Lindsay Lohan. I'll take Bai Ling.

Coachella Massacre 2: Electric Bonnaroo.

The world awakens one day to discover that all guns on Earth have disappeared – has this premise been dramatized?

"Why are you shouting?"

I hear that regularly.

A: Because you were shouting. Am I supposed to just let you shout at me? Because, fuck that.

Do unto others as you would have them do unto you. But also…do unto others what they did unto you.

Saturday night, I saw a queue outside a Foot Locker for raffle tickets to be distributed Sunday afternoon for the opportunity to buy special Air Jordans this weekend.

Experiment: Special Air Jordans that are only available at opening day midnight screenings of Star Wars: Episode VII.

The 12-episode first season of UNITED STATES OF BACON premieres Sunday, December 30. Each episode features chef Todd Fisher as he road trips to cities across America in search of bacon creations. [source]


This $15 concoction is created first by steeping grilled cheese sandwiches in vodka for a day.

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