I'm Always Tired

Has MythBusters tested whether it really matters if your seat back is in its upright position during take-off and landing – whether stewards are rightfully scrupulous over seemingly negligible degrees of recline (in coach, at least)?

Has anyone written a paper on the psychology of one-ply toilet paper? You buy it because it's cheaper than two-ply toilet paper, despite knowing that it's flimsy, and that because it's flimsy, you (slash people) will end up using more of it, basically DIY-ing two-ply toilet paper. How much money does the world actually save each year buying one-ply toilet paper instead of two-ply?

I see Salvation Army bell ringers and think, Idea: An electronic bell. It looks like a bell, it sounds like a bell, but you don't have to physically ring it. Just switch it on.

Idea: Reality Family Feud. For example: Shahs on Sunset vs. Duck Dynasty.

Are Family Feud hosts required to embrace contestants with their right arm when revealing Fast Money results? It looks so awkward. I would opt out of playing Fast Money just to avoid said embrace.

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