» Idea: Avoid long queues for morning coffee at an airport. Pre-order coffee online for pick-up at a specified time. (John F. Kennedy International Airport, Queens, NY)

» JFK to Manhattan – didn't think any drive could feel longer than Sea-Tac to Seattle. (I-495, Queens, NY)

» Enters Trader Joe's to purchase brownie bites. The line to check out wraps around the store and ends at the entrance.

(East Village, Manhattan Island, NY)

What's with all the homeless people on this street? And why are they all Chinese? Is this a demonstration?

Oh. They're camped out for iPhone 5s. But the iPhone 5 was released a fortnight ago…

(Chelsea, Manhattan Island, NY)

» This Home Depot should be a wonder of the world. (Flatiron, Manhattan Island, NY)

» Thanksgiving sandwiches at an airport food market?! $9.75, though… (LaGuardia Airport, Queens, NY)

(8626 Michigan Avenue, Detroit, MI)

Erin: There is also an Al Pacino Fish and Chicken with a shark mascot.

I can't find any photos of it on the Internet, but I can confirm that Al Pacino Fish and Chicken exists (8226 Michigan Avenue, Detroit, MI) and that its mascot is indeed a shark – in a white suit, I think.

» Half of the Zingerman's empire is oddly located in a nondescript industrial park. (Ann Arbor, MI)

» That Spy King shop has somehow weathered the recession. …As has the Spy-Ops shop 500 feet away. (Lathrup Village, MI)

» Meters for parking spaces in a lot too? Normally city parking is metered and suburb parking is free. Bizarro Detroit. (Ferndale, MI)

» This boutique seemingly only sells merchandise that reads "Detroit Hustles Harder." (Eastern Market, Detroit, MI)

» Whoa. An unshuttered Blockbuster store. (Dearborn Heights, MI)

» Wait, doesn't Jord have asthma? (Rochester Hills, MI)

» Regina is pronounced like "vagina," but Saginaw is not. Regina, vagina. Saginaw, vagabond.

(Dearborn, MI).

» This dude just used "Dupree" as a verb, as in Owen Wilson's character in You, Me and Dupree. Is this real life? (Corktown, Detroit, MI)

» Idea: Toilet Pass – a pass you can purchase when you visit a city that grants you access to public restrooms [with no purchase necessary] and participating less-public restrooms. When you gotta go, go. (The Loop, Chicago, IL)

» Poor White Sox. (Bucktown, Chicago, IL)

» Idea: A sightseeing tour of various McDonald's restaurants in Chicagoland. (Navy Pier, Chicago, IL)

» Seen: Two males in different cities wearing Twilight hoodies – a white lad (Pier 54, Manhattan Island, NY) and a Mexican adult (Ukranian Village, Chicago, IL). The Mexican adult is on Team Edward.

(Museum of Science and Industry, Jackson Park, Chicago, IL)

"Energy vampires" is a super lame way to Halloween up the Smart Home.

I admire this docent's commitment to pretending that this zephyr is haunted.

What is that thing beside the Space Needle in this model of Seattle? Oh. The Experience Music Project.

» Rip'n Chick'n, Dip'n Chick'n – Idea: Popeyes Sip'n Chick'n. Hands-free poultry. Available in honey barbecue and buttermilk ranch flavours. (Logan Square, Chicago, IL)

Building sign: "Got Attorneys?"

Got Attorneys and Carry On.


I wonder if anyone under age 16 knows the origin of the "got _____?" meme.

"Aaron Burr!" [chuckles]

(Logan Square, Chicago, IL)

» A pink concrete mixer truck. [pause] I wonder if AIDS and cancer walk/runs have contingency afflictions if AIDS or cancer are ever cured. (River West, Chicago, IL)

» Banner proclaims that wi-fi is available, doesn't note that it isn't free. (O'Hare International Airport, Chicago, IL)

Idea: An Olympics-type event uniting sister cities.

Team Chicago:
Chicago, Warsaw, Milan, Casablanca, Shenyang, Gothenburg, Accra, Prague, Mexico City, Toronto, Petah Tikva, Athens, Durban, Galway, Moscow, Lucerne, Delhi, São Paulo, Belgrade, Lahore, Busan, Bogotá

Team San Francisco:
San Francisco, Abidjan, Amman, Assisi, Bangalore, Barcelona, Caracas, Cork, Haifa, Ho Chi Minh City, Krakow, Manila, Osaka, Paris, Seoul, Shanghai, Sydney, Taipei, Thessaloniki, Valparaíso, Zurich, Ulaanbaatar

(O'Hare International Airport, Chicago, IL)

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  1. John 23 Oct 12 at 16:05

    Team San Fransisco hosts the summer version, Team Chicago the winter.


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