Murder For Pizza

Pepe: Hey, can you fly out to New York City this weekend? I need a flat-sitter.

Jon: This weekend? [grumbles] I just returned from two weeks in Vegas and leave for Detroit and Chicago in two weeks.

Pepe: What's in Detroit?

Jon: A wedding.

Pepe: And what's in Chicago?

Jon: Italian beef sandwiches.

Pepe: You can fly from New York City to Detroit. I'll have my travel coordinator adjust your ticket.

Jon: If necessary, could you mail my driver's license to New York City?

B: What?

Jon: My current driver's license expires on my birthday, and my new one may not arrive before I depart. Without valid identification, I could be stranded in New York City.

Jon: New York City to Detroit with a layover in Miami? That's the best flight she could find?!

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