Date Archives September 2012

All New Cast

Previously on Adam Riff™: GH: We shot this mockumentary thing about — because everybody used to joke that Rob looked like Haley Joel Osment — Rob playing Haley Joel Osment in his twenties, years later, and Charlie played Frankie Muniz years later. What is Frankie…

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Noise State

So who's eligible for a "Best Original Song" Oscar next February? Badly Drawn Boy – Being Flynn Taylor Swift, Arcade Fire – The Hunger Games Mike Shinoda (Linkin Park) – The Raid: Redemption Soundgarden – The Avengers Mumford and Sons – Brave R. Kelly –…

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Midnight City

All told, the world's airlines spend $7 billion-8 billion a year taxiing between passenger gates and the runway. [source] Back from Vegas. Next: Detroit/Chicago. While in Vegas, I finished reading Bad Monkeys by Matt Ruff, the climax of which is set in Vegas, and partly…

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