Demon Days

// reading old issues of our high school newspaper //

Jose: How did you get away with publishing this stuff?

Jon: You were in the editor-in-chief. You tell me. And I didn't, in the end.

Jose: You know, I bargained your punishment down to a suspension. Ms. Tavenner wanted to sue you.

Jon: WHAT?

Jon: I was a minor at the time. Imagine her suing my parents for sexual harassment.


  1. Alex 25 Jul 12 at 03:54

    Wait, I gotta see what you wrote. Don't leave us hanging!

    1. Jon 26 Jul 12 at 02:30

      Among other things:

      For a persuasive essay assignment in AP Comp, I write a piece on why the school should fire a particular teacher [Ms. Tavenner]. Mrs. Dewar gets really pissed and makes me rewrite the essay with a positive spin (i.e. what we should look for in a teacher). With the modified essay, Mrs. Dewar is still really pissed – I believe her exact words were, "blech" – but eventually I get my way, for the teacher-in-question is executed by a firing squad on graduation day. Moral: don't [fuck] with me.

      Junior year, I do a DIVE presentation on the rise and fall of the mental institution and/or the mentally ill. I play a mentally retarded Southerner in a one-act play. I develop giant throbbing erections every time I looked at Ms. Tavenner. I'm beginning to think that there's something seriously wrong with me.

  2. Anonymous 25 Jul 12 at 17:26

    My favorite: Book Review: The Bible.


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