My heart is filled with songs of forever

At first glance, I thought the man on the right was Trent Reznor. "Don't he and Billy Corgan hate each other?"

I like how Billy replaced James with another Asian man, and D'arcy with another woman.

James, D'arcy, and Jimmy should form a band with a bald white frontman. Ed Kowalczyk is available.

Smashing Pumpkins' current drummer was three years old when Siamese Dream was released.


SoundBite: a musical tasting menu

Death Cab For Cutie: Tomato and peach "Caprese," sweet balsamic, aged cheddar, smokey almond pesto

Flying Lotus: Angel-spiced halibut, caramelized onion and fennel, black olive oil

Stephen Malkmus and the Jicks: Beer-fried game hen and yeast-risen waffle, mustard, radish

Death From Above 1979: Berber spiced lamb, grilled paneer, baby eggplant, and minted yogurt

Empire of the Sun: Golden peaches-and-cream push pop, star anise, salt, and gold
Aloe Blacc: Foie gras bon bon, dark chocolate, plum, sea salt

The Malkmus entrée sounds about right.

This was a wedding cake?

Were there other cakes? Small wedding? That's not much cake.

I wonder if any of the wedding guests were Asian – awkward!

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