Eight astronauts strapped to the back of a bomb

The problem with Retina display is that images on websites you visit daily are not optimized for it (yet?). It's ESPN 3D.

Prometheus cost $130 million to produce — about $100 million less than Men in Black 3 cost (at least) — and looks infinitely better visually.

Where did Men in Black 3's reported $225 million to $300 million budget go? Its visual effects are cable television quality.

Game of Thrones' second season cost $69 million to produce and looks better visually.

The entire Lord of the Rings trilogy cost $281 million to produce. Could Men in Black 3…?

Grantland reported Men in Black 3's budget as $250 million, in which case, Men in Black 3 cost more to produce than Avatar.

According to Wikipedia, Tangled, that animated Rapunzel movie, is the second most expensive film of all time.

The first is Pirates of the Caribbean 3.

Half of the 10 most expensive films of all time are Disney productions from the past six years.

Adjusted for inflation, Tangled is still the fifth most expensive film ever made. Tangled.

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