The darkest day in WWE history

One of my biggest LOLs for the night is Big Show's knockout punch on John Cena at Over The Limit being called the "darkest day in WWE history." Here are ten things off the top of my head that were darker than a guy who always turns on people turning on somebody:

1. Owen Hart falling from the rafters and dying because you thought it'd be funny to dress him up like a super hero, have him cut a promo about how awesome milk is and then make him wrestle a pimp.

2. Chris Benoit murdering his wife and child.

3. The next night when you had a two hour tribute to the guy who murdered his wife and child and probably knew about it, but went through with it anyway.

4. That time Jake the Snake made a snake bite Macho Man for real.

5. That time Jake the Snake put a snake on George Wells and made him vomit up cream cheese.

6. When Triple H snuck into a funeral home and filmed himself having sex with a cheerleader mannequin meant to represent Kane's dead ex-girlfriend and then scooping out her brains.

7. Kurt Angle equating having sex with a black woman to "doing bestiality."

8. Big Bossman driving the Blues Brothers car to Big Show's funeral, stealing Big Show's father's corpse and forcing Show to surf on it as he dragged it away.

9. Stephanie McMahon revealing that Vince had whored her out to random businessmen when she was younger, possibly a child.

10. Undertaker being chokeslammed through the burning bones of his dead mother and father.

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