Never cast as the romantic lead, somehow on our feet


Rostislav: What are you doing for Mother's Day?

Jon: Nothing.

Rostislav: Nothing?

Jon: I need to be able to emotionally detach myself from my mother. While cleaning my pantry, I found an old photo of my parents on a cruise and realized that I may not be able to cope with her death otherwise.


Jon: Also, she's currently overseas, so…


Zapatería Employee: You work at Google, right?

Jon: Heh. No.

Zapatería Employee: Well, you look like you work at Google.

Jon: I'm a master of disguise.


[at a park with B's children]

Jon: You play that, right?

Macts: That's bronco. I'm pinto.

Jon: Ah. Which team do you play for?

Sofi: Phillies.
Macts: Pirates.

Jon: You play for the Phillies and the Pirates?

Macts: No. Phillies were my team when I was five years old.

Jon: Ah. Okay, what do you two want to eat for dinner?


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