Did you just watch Rudy?

// Adam Riff™ production meeting //

Habib: I need a fourth.

Jon: Baylor's gaudy uniforms.

Habib: I'm not sure that the team will wear them during the NCAA tournament, though. Plus, it's not like the others.

Rory: Hugh Greenwood's hair.

Tryg: Matthew Dellavedova's caveman-ness?

Rory: How 'bout this for a bracket:

Rory: Which performer at this festival has the best name?

Tryg: Pro-fe-cia? Like, a play on "Propecia"?

Jon: I think it's stylized Spanish for "prophecy."

Habib: Can the Queen Mary accommodate that many performers? I've only seen it on Party Down, and it didn't look that big.

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  1. Garen 13 Mar 12 at 12:10

    That's a lot of acts for two fucking days.


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