C'était pas tout l'histoire

Spike Lee reppin' the high school alma mater of this website's namesake

Spike Lee is the black Kevin Smith.

—Huh. Lin's number in high school was 4, a homophone of "die" in Mandarin.
—Were un-trademarked Adam Riff and Jeremy Lin classmates?
—I don't think so. Adam was in Seth's class, and Seth was one class below me, so Adam is at least four years older than Lin. So no. Adam's brother might have been classmates with Lin.

Regarding ESPN's "Chink in the Armor" headline: Jeremy Lin's Xanga handle was "chinkballa88." Is this like how it's okay for black people to use the word "nigger"?

Also: Lin labeled one of the photos on his Xanga "Homogay_Birthday."

Paying it backward?

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