My friends are in the bathroom getting higher than the Empire State

Previously on Adam Riff&#8482:
Idea: Michael Jackson, 2Pac, Jim Morrison, and Elvis as a covert league of extraordinary gentlemen. They didn't really die; they are just what Gotham needed them to be.

Idea: What if the members of SEAL Team Six were all famous recluses? What if they actually became black operatives?

What if Bill Watterson killed Osama bin Laden?

What if Amelia Earhart was Team Six's first recruit? What if she staged Hitler's suicide?

In Discovery's newest competition series MACHINES OF GLORY, three construction crews compete in outrageous challenges while operating massive machines like excavators, backhoes and skid steers.

"There hasn't been a heavy equipment competition show like MACHINES OF GLORY," said executive producer Scott Hallock. [source]

Have there been any heavy equipment competition shows?

One of the challenges has to be operating heavy machinery while UI, no?

"I can operate that chain trencher after consuming 11 tablets of Benadryl."
"I can operate that chain trencher after consuming 12."
"Operate that chain trencher!"

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