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B: Hey, I'm bringing over some leftovers from Sophie's birthday party. Jon: Jeesh. How much pizza did you order? And how big was her birthday cake? This leftover cake could pass for a whole birthday cake. Jon: Who puts zucchini on a combination pizza? Jon:…

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—Sod it. Set the time machine to just after Brett Ratner was fired. —More show, less masturbation. —We open with the Academy president, then a montage of all the "best picture" nominees set to This Will Destroy You's "The Mighty Rio Grande," then MC Terry…

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Phoenix in Flight

Previously on Adam Riff™: My mother is caught up in Linsanity. "Benji and Richard played youth basketball with him." Apparently, my brother played youth basketball with Jeremy Lin too? And apparently, he mostly warmed benches, as Lin's father was the coach and favoured playing his…

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