Adam Riff™ v7.0 ("Ness")

I'm not finished debugging, but I wanted to launch on New Year's Day.

This design adjusts for tablets and smartphones. Swipe upward for sidebar content.

If you use Internet Explorer, this design is only supported by IE9+.

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Any feedback would be appreciated.

8 thoughts on "Adam Riff™ v7.0 ("Ness")"

  1. Boldly dropping support for IE – I like it! Like the design a lot too – nicely done. Still trying to figure out the clue for my link though – kicked in the leg by an angry, ball-less horse maybe?

  2. Oh… I suggest making the search field a light grey; right now you can't tell which side of the search icon you should click for the cursor.

    Also, I'm not sure how 'swiping up for sidebar content' is supposed to work, but all of the sidebar content just appears at the bottom of the page (below the main content) on my iPad. I can send a screenshot if you want.

    • If you click on the search icon, the cursor appears. Your suggestion is noted, however.

      I meant: "Swipe upward [to scroll downward] for sidebar content [below the main content]."

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