Things that I cannot bring myself to buy

1. The Road to Somewhere: An American Memoir by James A. Reeves. I retain hope that a local library will someday acquire a copy.

2. A second pair of pants, preferably jeans.

3. A nose hair trimmer, or a petite nail clipper. My existing nail clipper doesn't fit all the way inside my nostrils.

4. A $3.20 container of smoked mozzarella pasta salad at Whole Foods.

5. This UC Oakland hoodie.

When Adam Robot's screen press is operational, I'm gonna pester him to create a bunch of faux uni wear for me – UNBRC (University of Nevada, Black Rock City), SUNY Betamax, a play on Belushi's "College" sweater that reads "Grad School" or "Unemployment"…

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  1. Rowel 16 Dec 13 at 09:08

    Is that the only website I can buy that uc Oakland sweater?


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