Boners Breaking Highways

Rory: The president of Showtime said that the last two episodes "set up a very clear endgame that will take two seasons to tell," so… Dexter and Debra wed in the series finale?
Jon: What a wretched season.
Rory: If James Spader had joined Dexter, and Colin Hanks had joined The Office, would the current seasons of both shows be better?
Jon: Mmm…
Rory: Colin Hanks as Gabe's twin brother.

Jon: This contestant on Chopped is sad that her Indian restaurant in Napa is failing. Fuckin' move your restaurant to Sunnyvale or Fremont, dummy! It's not like the Bay Area is hurting for Indian people.

Jon: If I produced Top Chef, the next elimination challenge would be Asian food.

Jon: This Is England '88? Another mini-series sequel?
Rory: This is Shane Meadows' Up series.
Jon: The two sequels play like an English Treme.

Rory: Stewart is Gale, heh.

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