all our bruised bodies and the whole heart shrinks

"India's original sex symbol" Pooja Bedi answers queries on sex for Men's Health India. A sampling:

How can I persuade my girlfriend to give me more blow jobs?
– Bikram Burman, Mumbai

My girlfriend says she hates giving hand jobs. Really?
– Amit Narwani, via email

Why won't my girlfriend let me take tasteful nude photos of her?
– Aman Singhania, via email

Women love it when I kiss their ears—except my new girlfriend. Why?
– Karan Gupta, New Delhi

When we started dating two years ago, my girl said she'd be open to a threesome. The topic hasn't come up since. Game over?
– Dinesh Shifar, via email

I love quickies. How can I get my wife to feel the same way?
– Abhinay Bhargav, via email

She wants me to be 'more tender' in bed. What does that mean?
– Tanuj Vikal, New Delhi

I found my girl's vibrator. Is she thinking about past lovers when she masturbates?
– Siddharth Talwar, via e-mail

Why do wet dreams stop? How can I get them back?
– Charles Isaac, Hyderabad

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