That same old crowd that drags me down

F: Every time Joe Buck gets excited, his forehead grows.

Jon: Joe Buck was only 25 when Fox hired him?

Jon: It kills me that Joe Buck is longtime friends with Paul Rudd and Jon Hamm.
F: Did you know that Jon Hamm dated Sarah Clarke in high school?
Jon: Oh? Don Draper and Nina Myers, sitting in a tree…

Jon: I said "tart," not "pie."
B: What's the difference?
Jon: A cup of corn syrup. I don't care for the goo underneath the pecans.

Jon: Pumpkin pie is re-purposed baby food.

Jon: 19 of iTunes' top songs are by or feature Rihanna. If you round up, that's ten percent of the top songs.
B: Well, she just released an album.
Jon: Album filler shouldn't count for top songs.

Jon: 11 of iTunes' top songs are by or feature Drake. Name one.

Jon: Why is everyone dogging The Lost World this week? NO, Jurassic Park III is NOT better!

Jon: I pity people who cannot enjoy a T. rex on the loose in San Diego.

Jon: The Human Centipede 3: Centurducken.

The United States of Documentaries

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  1. dedleg 24 Nov 11 at 14:00

    The Lost World is substantially better than JP3. The 3rd one doesn't even have a real ending, just, "surprise! The entire U.S. army just showed up to rescue Dr. Allen Grant! Bye!"


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