Pass No Bills, Will Obstruct

Will LAX offer free wi-fi already? Every other major airport in California does.

I read Colson Whitehead's Zone One whilst in Los Angeles. I wish I could compose sentences like his.

The Exes. Newman on Seinfeld, Turk on Scrubs… Who is the woman?
—Sally on 3rd Rock from the Sun.
—G_d, TV Land is where former NBC sitcom stars go to die – Rose on The Golden Girls, Daphne on Frasier, Nina on Just Shoot Me!, Jack on Just Shoot Me!
—Must Eat TV.

Idea: A TV Land original sitcom generator. [Silver Spring], starring [Helen on Wings], [Laverne on Empty Nest], and [Richard on Caroline in the City].

I will never tire of film and television scenes set in minefields.

Idea: A Food Network Challenge in which contestants must transfer their showpieces through a minefield.

You know mainstream rock is dead when KROQ books Bush and 311 for its 2011 Almost Acoustic Christmas.

2011 Almost Acoustic Christmas: Bush, 311, Blink-182, New Found Glory
2001 Almost Acoustic Christmas: Bush, 311, Blink-182, Coldplay
1999 Almost Acoustic Christmas: Bush, 311, Blink-182, Fiona Apple
1996 Almost Acoustic Christmas: Bush, 311, Orbital, Eels
1995 Almost Acoustic Christmas: Bush, Radiohead, Sonic Youth, Wesley Willis
1994 Almost Acoustic Christmas: Dinosaur Jr., The Jesus and Mary Chain, Meat Puppets, Sunny Day Real Estate, Weezer

new favorite accidentally found flickr stream
New favourite Twitter!

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