Toys Milk Pinata

—Is this Occupy Los Angeles?
—No, it's Twilight fans camped out for the Breaking Wind – Fart 1 premiere.

—Is this Skid Row?
—No, it's Occupy Los Angeles.

Image Quiz Idea: Occupy Los Angeles, Twilight tent city, or Skid Row?

—You never say "L.A."
—Because it sounds uncouth.

—AR™ Stylebook: L.A. Los Angeles; TV television; New York New York City.

In addition to Mexican Coca-Cola, hip eateries in Los Angeles opt to stock Mexican Diet Coke…because Mexican aspartame tastes better?

I wish you could sort restaurant reviews on Yelp by criteria. I don't dine out for good service. Get over yourselves.

Sketch Idea: A black kid tries to sell clipboards on a busy sidewalk.

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