Bill Hall + Hitting Weakness

Previously on Adam Riff™:

GH: We shot this mockumentary thing about — because everybody used to joke that Rob looked like Haley Joel Osment — Rob playing Haley Joel Osment in his twenties, years later, and Charlie played Frankie Muniz years later.


Shame that Rob McElhenney lost the weight he gained, because he could play Haley Joel Osment in his twenties.

It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia should produce a bizarro episode in which Haley Joel Osment plays Mac, Frankie Muniz plays Charlie, and Jonathan Lipnicki plays Dennis.


What kind of selling point is "from the producers of Grown Ups"? The marketing for Tower Heist at least conceals that it's directed by Brett Ratner. Balls Out: Steel Panther: Music

Features guest appearances from Dane Cook, Chad Kroeger and Nuno Bettencourt


Oh. It's made in England. Still, not sure any girls fantasize about avoiding aerial bombings. Rename it "1940 girl" or something.

A boy World War II evacuee costume is available too. No "sexy" ones, though.

The Sexy Adventures of Anne Frank (1959)


PTI: A Decade of Opens

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