A spoonful of nothing helps the nothing go down

The creators of Big Love are developing China Doll, a drama about a mixed-race family and their humanoid robot. I assume the robot will carry the show, as white male/Asian female couples are typically, not uninteresting, but…vanilla.

Idea: A young, half-white, half-Asian professional mysteriously begins behaving 100 percent white at times, and 100 percent Asian at times – Dr. Jekyll and Mystery Side. It could be comedy (redneck white and FOB Asian) or horror (he is ashamed of one half).

Better yet, he shares a house with other mixed-race folk who suffer the same temporary condition. Mutts, an FX original series. Oh, the permutations.

A half-white, half-black stand-up comedian. "I do this, I do that!"

Half-Native American, half-Indian.

From Russia, With Laziness

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