Crimson Hands

Rory: I think I found my Halloween costume.

Las Vegas man with 100-pound scrotum seeks money for surgery

He sprinkled baby powder on it — what looked like a huge watermelon encased in a compression bandage — but the unmistakable smell of urine couldn't be completely smothered.

His penis is so buried in his scrotal tissue that he can't direct his urination and often sprays the area around him.

He can't sit down for a bowel movement and must catch it in the same kind of pail used in casinos for coins.

An acquaintance helped him pull the compression garment over his scrotum. That took at least 15 minutes.

He said he weighed his scrotum on a scale.

Jon: I want to be Indian engineer, but fear that people will just see blackface with a fake mustache.
Jon: I could lighten the pigment and be a Mexican-American who can't speak Spanish.
Rory: You could not do anything and be a Korean person.

Zombie in a Penguin Suit

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