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Nick Swisher recorded a covers album for children with Bud Selig's granddaughter.

Special musical guests playing guitar on the album include former New York Yankee and Latin GRAMMY Nominee Bernie Williams and San Francisco Giant pitcher Barry Zito.

I am unable to find which song Zito collaborated with Swisher on. I hope it's "Hang On Sloopy."

—Didn't Bronson Arroyo record a covers album too?
Yup. MLB also released a compilation covers album.
—"10. Omar Vizquel: Vocals and Drums on The Goo Goo Dolls 'Broadway.'"


"Sound like a pro!"


HAPPY LIFE is a comedy executive produced by Abel Ferrara (Bad Lieutenant).

Tom McCaffrey plays Keith, a thirty-something trance DJ who's recently been fired from his residency spinning at an upscale tapas restaurant.

Featuring an ensemble cast including Matt Pinfield (MTV's 120 Minutes). [source]

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