Ripeness was all

I woke up thinking about milkmen, and how delivering milk was once (and still is, in some countries) a legitimate job, and what became of our milkmen.

"It says here on your resumé that you delivered and retrieved bottles for 15 years."

I'm trying to cut all beverages except water out of my diet, partly to prevent my teeth from further degrading, and partly so I can devote more calories to sweet treats.

Beer, liquor, coffee, tea, milk, juice, and energy drinks were easy to quit, but I'm struggling mightily with pop. I can't abstain for more than four days.

I wonder if confining myself in a self storage unit for a month would help.

I fell asleep thinking about the impending global water crisis, and how lucky I am that I will be probably be dead before it becomes super dire.

» 36 states currently face water shortages.

» One expert estimates California's water supply will run out in 17 years.

» Lake Mead, which supplies 85% of the water used in the Las Vegas Valley, is over 59% empty. There is a 50% chance that Lake Mead will run dry by 2021, and a 10% chance that it will run out of usable water by 2014. Consequently, the Hoover Dam, the primary source of electricity for Los Angeles, could stop producing electricity as soon as 2013.

Issues like global warming and water scarcity are why I find social justice somewhat myopic and selfish. What good are human rights if humans are unable to enjoy them?


  1. Garen 03 Oct 11 at 13:12

    I can get you in contact with my old roommate. She was from Moorkpark, California, and had a milkman deliver milk. It wasn't until she went to UCLA that she learned no one else ever had a milkman growing up.

  2. John 04 Oct 11 at 05:07

    My wife's parents had milk delivered until they moved five months ago.

  3. dedleg 04 Oct 11 at 16:29

    I'd have a harder time leaving beer than soda.


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