Can you garlic ranch blast me now?

Nooo… Don't change the channel.

From Tigers vs. Yankees to Texas vs. Iowa State? Do you see the score? It's 34-0!

This telly too? What are you changing Alabama vs. Florida to? Mississippi State vs. Fresno State?!

Guh. Stop changing shit!

Oh come on! I'm not a big soccer fan, but no one wants to watch Duke and Florida International play football!

Job Creation Idea: Dedicated screen jockeys at bars and restaurants.

"Sometimes I feel like the Mets do a bit much with the bells and whistles," says Frank King, 31, an avid Mets fan from Queens, N.Y. At the last game Mr. King attended, it was "Star Wars" night, diabetes-awareness night, stitch n' pitch night (for knitters and crocheters) and Filipino-Heritage night. [source]

Why I miss the monoculture
We don't agree on anything the way we agreed about Prince, Nirvana and MJ — and our cultural life is poorer for it

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