Columbia House Record Club

So this is happening.

Idea: A music festival featuring only musical acts that feature actors. The line-up could be pretty legit – 30 Seconds to Mars, She and Him, Childish Gambino…

—Thunderbox, Wicked Wisdom…
—Cowboy and Indian…
—Jesse Plemons' band. His real-life band.

Stephen Lang voiced George Washington for a PBS documentary on the American Revolution, and will play Abraham Lincoln in a Civil War mini-series for HBO. Halfway to achieving a "Mount Rushmore."

The A.V. Club publishes a recurring feature called "Random Roles," in which an actor comments on selections from his or her oeuvre.

Idea: A similar feature in which a sports figure (athlete, coach, broadcaster) comments on select games from his or her career. It could be a television programme with video clips.

Let you play with the stick, Ovechkin – hip-hop hockey reference!

Rap's Greatest Hockey References

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