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So much programming screened…

38. Rum Ham (It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia, S07E02)

Honourable mention:
» Walter whimpers to Walter Jr. about how sorry he is (Breaking Bad, S04E10)
» Hugh Jackman guest stars (WWE Raw, 09-19-11)
» Fat turd drops a turd into a pool (Workaholics, S02E01)
» "Hey, Soul Sister" ringtone (Up All Night, S01E02)
» Geo Godley (The X Factor, S01E01)
» Jonah Hill calls out Matthew Morrison (Late Night with Jimmy Fallon, 09-21-11)
» Cougarton Abbey (Community, S03E01)

Stray observations:
» Luther and Vandross (Sons of Anarchy, S04E03)
» "Funny how the houses are always colonials and the penises are always circumcised." (The Office, S08E01)


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