Too Few Black People


The MacAndrews & Forbes conglomerate is in some tough businesses. It's a leading maker of bank checks at a time when electronic payments are growing quickly, and a producer of licorice flavorings used by the tobacco industry. [source]

According to its web site, M&F's portfolio also includes: a processor of film for the motion picture industry, Revlon cosmetics, Scantron testing systems, a lottery technology provider, and a smallpox drug developer.


Texas and Oklahoma in the Pacific-xx Conference would be odd, yes, but the St. Louis Rams are in the NFC West, and the Dallas Cowboys are in the NFC East, and St. Louis is 400 miles EAST of Dallas.

Elsewhere, the Winnipeg Jets are in the NHL's Southeast Division, and the Oklahoma City Thunder are in the NBA's Northwest Division.

Why don't the Dallas Cowboys play in the NFC West? It may be a less glamorous division, but it's a far more winnable one. "America's team" could play in the postseason every year.

Two NFC West teams have played in a Super Bowl since the Cowboys last played in one.


Remember when the drummer for Throwdown auditioned on American Idol? Well, the belligerent ginger of the grilled cheese truck on Food Network's Great Food Truck Race is the drummer for The Carrier, and his colleague brother worked for Deathwish Inc.

J. Cole was in the audience of Dave Chappelle's Block Party.

Mexican vs. American Cereal Showdown

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