I left a lot of blood in California

"Excuse me. Do you have any eating utensils?"

In my haste to board the plane to secure overhead cabin space to prevent my bag from being checked, I had forgotten to grab a fork and knife from an airport eatery for a cake that I had been nursing all afternoon.

"Sorry, no."

Licking ganache off a MetroCard – not my finest moment.

I can stream video to my laptop while sitting in the sky, yet we still can't land a plane with my seat reclined 10°.

Why do army men and women wear fatigues when flying commercial? Can't they change clothes at their destinations? If it's to receive special treatment, can't they just flash army IDs?

I despise Boingo, and all airports that enable its "service."

I'm always curious to see what is open in an airport at dawn and at midnight.

Wine shop is closed at 6:15 AM, but a spa and a candy shop are open, as is a Google Chromebook kiosk.

A Coach store is open, in case I need a handbag at 11:45 PM.

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  1. Ryan 13 Sep 11 at 13:32

    They're in uniform because they're on duty. That's how the armed forces roll. If you're working, then you're in uniform. Period.


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