I'm a president's son. I don't need no soul.


"Why did we trek all the way out to Fort Greene to shop at Target?"
"Because this Target is 'the worst Target ever created.'"

"I wonder what the story is behind that black kid wearing a BYU hat and a Harvard hoodie."

"Maybe he attended both BYU and Harvard."
"Maybe he bought them at a thrift store."
"Maybe he thinks they look cool. I mean, last week, I saw a black kid wearing a Red Wings hat…"
"But, objectively speaking, that BYU hat doesn't look cool at all! Also, it's a BYU hat. And to pair it with a Harvard hoodie?"
"Maybe he's fashion trolling."

Little Italy NYC is like the West Bank to Manhattan Chinatown's Israel.


  1. Josh 08 Sep 11 at 14:10

    The obvious answer is that he stole them from two different people.


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