Tony Fader Is My Hero 5

Jon: People in the northeast sure like to eat brunch.
Ryan: Yeah, that's a bit weird but it's true.

—Idea: Western breakfast dim sum fusion.
—Sausage and egg shu mai dotted with bacon.
—Cream cheese and lox har gow.
Cha shao pancakes.
—Glazed you tiao.
—Omelette chang fen.
—Home fries luo buo gao.
—Grits congee.
—Cereal-milk-flavoured egg tart.

White people are aware that high-end Asian restaurants are scams, right?

—Idea: The Church of Chick-fil-A, a la the Apple Store "cube" in New York City.
—Stained glass windows depicting cows.
—An open kitchen in the chancel-sanctuary.
—Order food at its pulpit. Pick up orders at its altar.
—Sit and eat on pews.
—Open on Sundays for worship.

Shake Shack's Concretes are like 80% frozen custard, 20% mix-ins. Kind of a lousy value.

—Idea: Recess (an Adam Riff™ joint).
—Queso fundido served as a large cheese and crackers Handi-Snack, complete with a red stick to scoop and spread the cheese with.
—Oreo ravioli – chocolate pasta stuffed with Oreo filling and served with a condensed milk "white sauce."
21 dip – a margarita popsicle that you dip in various fruity powders.

Ryan: I want no part in your crazy schemes.

A hilarious list of old, somehow unironic quotes about WCW from the Wrestling Observer.

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