Cheap Shot Youth Anthem

Jon: He's in D.C. all week, so I'm in N.Y.C. alone…and aimless. Today, I walked around a Trader Joe's.

Jon: I read that Wednesday is "suggested donation day" at the Bronx Zoo (i.e. free admission), so I might do that. Did you know that each borough has a zoo?
Rory: The Staten Island Zoo? And I thought the animals in the Detroit Zoo had it bad…

McKern: Take a BoltBus to Boston. I'll bring you to the North End.
Jon: Tempting, but… 24 hours in Boston? (I need to wait for a cable guy to deliver a DVR on Friday)

Jon: Canada Day weekend in Boston. Hmm… Oh, but the New York Asian Film Festival begins on Friday.
McKern: You've seen like half of its films already.

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  1. Alex 30 Jun 11 at 00:37

    Listen, Rory. Detroit has one of the finest zoos in the nation. same thing with museums, symphonys and opera houses.


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