If you don't get born again, at least you'll get high as hell

N 11th and Wythe

What is filming on that corner? Looks like a news crew. Japanese reporter…

Oh. It's Joseph Gordon-Levitt.

Grand Ave. and Queens Blvd.

Imagine being a Mormon missionary here.

This food mart also repairs computers.

If I operated a food mart, what items would I list on my awning?

Cigarettes Balloons Pringles Swiffer Milk…

"John Leguizamo: Ghetto Klown." Directed by Fisher Stevens?

Huh. John Francis Daley co-wrote Horrible Bosses. Now four of the seven Freaks and Geeks have written screenplays that were produced. A fifth one played an aspiring screenwriter on Party Down.

S 6th and Berry

Should I be eating this toast dipped in fat drippings?

Fuck it. I'll walk back.

Williamsburg Bridge

This is a long on-ramp. I feel like I'm walking to the ring at WrestleMania.

Potholes on the pedestrian path.

You can jump off the pedestrian path onto a moving train. Chase Scene Idea:


  1. Anonymous 26 Jun 11 at 08:12

    does your philipino friend pay taxes? cause if he doesn't, he sucks.

    1. Jon 26 Jun 11 at 11:18

      yes, he pays taxes.

  2. josh 27 Jun 11 at 23:40

    filming in ny? JGL? TDKR?????


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